FDM ANTERO 800NA – Excellent Strength, Toughness, Wear Resistant

FDM Antero 800NA

Antero 800NA

FDM provides a promising solution to the chemical resistant applications with ANTERO 800NA. Most thermoplastics fails when it is in contact with chemicals or some hydraulic fluids. FDM Antero 800NA (PEKK proprietary blend), solve those challenges with HIGH MECHANICAL PROPERTIES and the HIGHEST CHEMICAL RESISTANT available.

Standard PEKK is scarce due to stock shapes and sizes in CNC machining, leading to limited design options and longer production times. Now, designers and engineers can take advantage of the advanced properties of PEKK with the design freedom and fast production time of 3D printing.

FDM Antero 800NA Key Characteristics

Antero 800NA is strong with EXCELLENT TEMPERATURE, WEAR AND CHEMICAL RESISTANCE. The material has ULTRA-LOW OUTGASSING properties with TML (Total mass loss) of 0.27% and a CVCM (Collected Volatile Condensable Material) of 0.01%. This data exceeds the NASA specifications for selecting spacecraft materials with low outgassing properties.

The additive PEKK material has the highest chemical resistance available with FDM technology, expanding its use in AIRCRAFTS AND OIL AND GAS APPLICATIONS that other materials cannot fulfil. Antero 800NA passes 14CFR/FAR 25.853 and it passes the NBS smoke density both flame and non-flame per 4814/E662. Antero 800NA has passed MIL-STD-810G-504.1, the military standard that tests the limits to the conditions that the part will experience in service life, specifically the contamination by fluids.

3D printing with the PEKK blend provides new design freedom over standard PEKK which would be CNC machined. The material and stock shapes tend to be expensive, and much of the material is discarded by the milling process. 3D printing only utilizes the material needed for the geometry. Moreover, an engineer or development team only must maintain digital inventories with the ability to quickly 3D print their components as needed. FDM Antero 800NA produces extremely accurate parts even in large sizes, with a standard offered tolerance of +/-0.010” or +/-0.0015 per inch, whichever is greater.

Ideal Antero 800NA Applications

Due to Antero 800NA’s enhanced mechanical properties, the material can withstand exposure to cleaning chemicals, fuels, hydraulic fluids and high temperatures experienced in aerospace environments. The material can be used in aerospace applications such as clips, brackets, ducting, tooling, space vehicle components, ground support equipment, and test and flight operations.

Further applications include components in high-end manufacturing that may be exposed to chemicals and high temperatures, custom tooling, jigs, fixtures, custom housings for oil and gas components, under-hood and fuel components, and any parts exposed to hydrocarbons.

Industries having chemical and fluid flow applications demand materials possessing high chemical resistance and low outgassing properties. Most conventional thermoplastics degrades when it is in contact with chemicals or some hydraulic fluids and fails to meet the criteria. Additive Manufacturing provides a promising solution to the existing challenges. ANTERO 800NA which can be printed from FDM has HIGH MECHANICAL PROPERTIES and the HIGHEST CHEMICAL RESISTANT.

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