Ti6Al4V ELI For 3D Printed Metal Implants

Ti6Al4V ELI For 3D Printed Metal Implants

Titanium offers high weight to strength ratio compared to other materials and low density and high heat resistance are desirable for aerospace applications. Also, it has high corrosion resistance property and biocompatibility which is essential for medical applications. These properties result in better durability and high life expectancy. Titanium is widely used in Medical, Aerospace, Automotive, Chemical plant, Sports, and other major industries.

However, the pure titanium does not give all the desired properties but as a titanium alloys it has enhanced properties to suit specific requirement. In this article we will discuss the specific properties and application of Ti6Al4V ELI Titanium Alloy.

Specific Characteristics of Ti6Al4V ELI 

There are different grades of titanium, Ti6Al4V ELI is grade 23 which is similar to Ti6Al4V Grade 5 alloy. ELI stands for Extra Low Interstitials means it contains lower level of Oxygen, Nitrogen, Carbon and Iron which enhances ductility and toughness. Ti6Al4V ELI is considered best when it comes to biocompatibility.

Chemical Composition


Mechanical Properties

Yield Strength (Rp 0,2)930 MPa
Ultimate Tensile Strength (Rm)970 MPa
Rockwell Hardness32 HRC
Reduction of Area50%
Fatigue strength @ 600 MPa >>10,000,000 cycles
Modulus of Elasticity120 GPa

The following factors need to be noted for machining of Ti6Al4V ELI parts:

  • Low cutting speeds
  • High feed rate
  • Generous quantities of cutting fluid.
  • Sharp tools
  • Rigid setup

Ti6Al4V ELI is mostly used in Medial Implants, Surgical equipment, medical appliances.

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